About Joseph

As a child, I liked exploring my surroundings to make sense of things, this was usually the beach, where I explored the nature and the geology of my local shingle beach. There was also my Grandparent’s garden where they kept chickens and the soil was clay-rich. I wanted to be an inventor, train driver, or a scientist. Being an artist was not on my cards until I dropped out of University whilst doing a Master’s Degree in Chemistry.

I grew up by the seaside on the Lancashire coastline and I still live here, it influences a lot of my artwork. When I was young I would see my grandmother’s paintings and watch them slowly develop week on week when we would go to her house for family dinner.

I like to be playful when I paint, I’m not just doing a drawing and then colouring it in. I’m trying to capture the power and the energy of a place. There is an energy that people create within architecture that they use, there are fingerprints of years of different people adding and altering and ever-changing signage.

I discovered printmaking whilst on an AA2A residency at Blackpool School of Art in 2023 and it has changed some of my ideas about making art and meant I started looking back through old sketchbooks and exploring ideas that my younger self had going back to 2009.

These newfound ideas are still in development and I am looking for ideas that can be explored in print, paint and ceramics.

Meet the Team

Joseph Travis

Creator, odd bod, tired

Matt Crowder

Comms manager, American

Jordan Gray

Web Dev when Joseph can’t fix the website, chocolate connoisseur, Scottish

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