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Did you know its the summer?!

Did you know its the summer?!

Or I need antihistamines to see and breathe

It’s summer the weather at point of me sitting here typing is hot, and my face itches, my nose, my eyes and at times my skin. It drives me up the wall, I hate it, I’m not a fan of the warm weather. To make it manageable on days when hay fever is bad I take one so then I can get to work and not be bothered by the itchiness.

If like me you can’t cope buy this, frame it put it near your door as a reminder when you are leaving to take a cheeky antihistamine.  

A5 acrylic painting on black card


Benadryl One A Day

  • I suffer from hay-fever
  • Even by the sea it can be bad a times
  • So I keep a supply at hand
  • Buy here