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Largs a family favourite

A place we end up on Holiday

  • Near Kilmarnock where we stay
  • Is by the sea
  • has a ferry
  • Available if you contact me

Largs a family favourite

Holiday destination in Scotland

My wife grew up in Scotland and moved down south for University when we were dating and we ended up living in Lancashire by the seaside. We have a family of our own here, but when we go back to visit my in-laws we often take a day trip out to Largs.

Yes it is by the sea but it is very different place to Fleetwood. I like it there, it is calm and quiet. That is when the Viking festival isn’t running, we did go one year to see the re-enactment of Vikings battling it out on the Promenade.

Another family favourite especially for my nephew and my children is riding the ferry to Cumbrae. It is a short journey but they love it.






How to help make the world a better place!

How to make the World a better place!

Or: How I am raising money for my Trinity Hospice Blackpool

So what I have done

At the start of 2021 I made a painting of the Ice Cream shop next to the Ferry in Fleetwood, I got 100 printed on A3 paper and one on a absolutely massive A1 paper. I have then drawn on the prints and added extra watercolour so each one of the prints is a unique piece of art, ready to be framed. They really are amazing work (if I say so myself) bright and colourful and making these has brought me some comfort a year after her passing.

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