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We Don’t Promote Gambling

Cleveleys Town Centre

  • just pen and ink
  • I made a series without watercolour
  • Love the colour of this blue ink
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We Don’t Promote Gambling

It’s just the shapes were interesting

I promise it has very little to do with gambling as I don’t do it myself and none of my art so far is sponsored by any companies, or has even been used to promote any companies. If you need an illustrator for your business contact me.

Cleveleys is close by only being the next town over from Fleetwood and only a short trip on the tram. And has quite a few buildings with character.

original A5 pen and ink drawing on white card.






Cleveleys is from the Future

Cleveleys is from the Future

Or at least appearing in Star Wars: Andor Series

A short walk from my old day job is Cleveleys Cove Cafe, perched right above the sea, the architecture is quite unusual for a local building. At the start of May though it closed for a time as a film crew descended on Cleveleys and dressed the Cafe and the promenade into something from another world.

I am a massive star wars fan and unfortunately due to back pain I didn’t make it down to look at the set in person but I did see plenty of photographs and footage. And I can’t wait for it to be released on Disney+ at some point in the distant future.

A5 drawing on Kraft card in Posca Marker and ink



  • Used in Star Wars Andor
  • Can’t wait to try and spot it
  • A nice section of Cleveleys beach
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