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Tunnock’s Teacakes

Delicious to eat!!

  • wrapped in that signature foil
  • on hot air balloon swatch
  • I just want to eat it
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Tunnock’s Teacakes

Or the reason why I’m overweight!!

The worst kept secret about me is that my wife is from Scotland, so introduced me to a lot of different Scottish foods over the years some good, some potent ways to do yourself a mischief. From Killie Pies, to tablet or a loaf of Mother’s Pride Scottish Plain loaf. But none of these other things compares to a Tunnock’s teacake, chocolate shell hiding gooey marshmallow and a soft biscuit later at the bottom.

They are amazing and every time I see one I want to eat it. They are a favourite in our house and don’t stay in the cupboards for very long.

A5 acrylic painting on black card stock.