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Clouds Clouds Clouds

“I wandered lonely as a cloud. That floats on high o’er vales and hills.” -William Wordsworth


Clouds Clouds Clouds

A few years ago I was painting daily and I felt really stuck and I couldn’t devote much time to it every day, so I started just painting clouds and used it as an experiment, just using two colours:

A blue or a purple for the sky and sea

And then a red or earthy tone to darken the sea and make the clouds.

I learn a lot just doing these daily.

So what now?

Now I don’t paint clouds unless it is part of a scene.

I also have so many that I have been using a stamp on the back and putting them in with the paintings I sell as thank you notes. It really adds something else.

So if you want a cloud painting, just buy a painting and one will come with it!

~ Joseph


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