Gimme Shelters

Gimme Shelters


Shelters around the coastline of Britain can range from the Victorian, to mock Tudor to some that are more like post war municipal buildings in the style of what you would expect of a substation and not that of an idyllic spot to rest and shelter from the weather.


But whatever they look like we wouldn’t be without them on a rainy day or when the wind is blowing a gale. Being northern the weather is no excuse. And I used to walk home from the day job some times and the rain would start and I would end up drenched, but I would try and find a place to shelter the worst of it and then move on


Shelters are something that I plan to explore more as they really do mark some of the character of seaside towns.




Above Knott End Shelter
Below Shelter on the Isle of Bute

“Ooh, a storm is threatening my very life today.

If I don’t get some shelter ooh yeah I’m gonna fade away”

The Rolling Stones

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