Hartley’s Blackcurrant Jelly

Hartley’s Blackcurrant Jelly

Purple is a good colour

I love blackcurrants and for the past 14 years or so I have had blackcurrant bushes in my garden where ever I have lived. Even here in Fleetwood where we have a yard, I still have a small patch of earth that has a blackcurrant bush in it. All my blackcurrant bushes actually come from the bushes used to make Ribena, as years ago they did a give away, if you sent them labels off their bottles they would send cuttings. So I did and they did, and each time i moved I took cuttings off those plants and took them with me.

Even my grandad has blackcurrant bushes in his garden which were cuttings of my plants, especially when we moved house the last time from having a garden and not being able to produce the same volume as my grandad said they were the best tasting blackcurrants he had tasted we wanted to make sure he had some.

Original A5 acrylic painting on black card


Blackcurrants are my favourite

  • I love the semi transparent nature of the jelly casting colour in the shadow
  • Blackcurrant is a very English flavour
  • I love this painting
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