Every Month is Star Wars Month

Is May and as I write this the new Obi Wan Kenobi series has been released and I am excited to watch it, and am staying away from social media until I have had chance to watch it with my other half after she gets home from work this evening.

Star Wars was a pivotal point in my teenage years it made me want to draw, to paint, for many years it was my passion, it is my teenage drawings that going me accepted to many different courses after I initially went to university to study chemistry.

I still want to be good at drawing and painting to live up to those teenage dreams of working on a Star Wars film. I want to keep painting.

Even when I was doing a degree in ceramics I would write about painters, I would go on trips to look at landscape painting and illustration. My jumping point for ceramics was always painting as a frustrated painter, want to be able to draw better and for years I painted and drew and kept it to myself.

I will keep going but it can be hard at times, frustrating but I’m getting better and I will keep painting and drawing.

These two watercolours are probably my favourite Star Wars things I’ve painted this month, and they are available in my shop for sale, Luke’s Landspeeder and Rebel Snowspeeder

Oh hi there 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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