Warhammer Store on Birley Street Blackpool

Birley Street Blackpool

Or here lies the local Warhammer Store

My dad is a wargame miniature enthusiast, when I was growing up he collected Napoleonic figures so as we were old enough he started playing Games Workshop games with us like Hero Quest and Space Crusade. I remember as a small child going to the closest Games Workshop which from where we lived was in Fleetwood was in Preston near the Harris Museum, and my brother bought the lead based figures of the Fellowship of the Ring from Lord of the Rings.

As a young child I remember at some point I got my hands on them and painted the boots bright orange, needless to say at some point the boots were painted brown but not by me. Later on the opened a Games Workshop in Birley Street, and I would go with my brother and friends to play various tabletop games.

So how does this story relate to the painting? Well this is a painting of Blackpool’s Warhammer shop on Birley Street. A4 in size painted with watercolour and drawn with a Lamy safari pen and Posca markers

Birley Street Blackpool

  • Top Spot for Nerds like me
  • Centre of Blackpool
  • Blackpool Warhammer Store
  • Available for sale if you contact me


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